Life & Island Times: You Know You Are Getting Old When . . .

Editor’s Note: First out of the box from Marlow for Bold, Brave and so far Beautiful 2018!

– Vic


You randomly search the web for a band from way-back-when whose song just shuffled along past your ears to discover that a key member passed away without you knowing it.

You consider factoring mortality into your purchases.

The Summer of Love is now officially and irrevocably 50+ years old.

Strangers tell you what they want for Christmas and you consider buying gifts for them.

You wake up and realize “Hey, I’ve been retired over 12 years now.”

Buildings you recall being built are now being demolished.

The immortals of our youth are, well, mortal (see Fats Domino, Tom Petty, Gregg Allman).

Wedding and baptism attendance becomes evermore precious.

Upon reading Psalm 90:10: “The length of our days is seventy years — or eighty, if we have the strength” realizing that I am now at the November 10th of my alotted extended time in a single Biblical year equivalent.

You are genuinely thankful to celebrate another New Year’s eve.

Happy New Year!

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