Life & Island Times: The Good Life at “One Flew South”

Editor’s Note: Marlow is a real person. Don’t forget! But man, I love Key West!

– Vic

Author’s Note: After five brief but fun-filled days seeing old friends who still reside on our former island stomping grounds, we returned back to Savannah on Wednesday. This short piece describes an oasis we found that offered a respite from the perils of our modern American odyssey.

– Marlow

The Good Life at “One Flew South”

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Alanta, surrounded by travelers
we found a corner table alone
and ordered old fashions and sushi
others sat down,
and talked while looking at newspapers and streaming video boards across the way,
about the latest horrors in the Capitol City
they went on and on
with what-ifs and indignation
look, my man, said they to the waiter,
we don’t want anything to drink, we don’t drink,
but we could sure use
coffee, and haven’t we seen you someplace before?
give us another round I whispered to the
waiter. We drink, and we’ve never seen you
the waiter came back with their coffee
and our drinks, and we sat there eating fabulous sushi
while the others sat there
twirling their spoons in their cups,
clink clink clink
and we told the waiter, this is great sushi
and ordered the bourbon pound cake dessert
it was superb, but the next one is going to be
better, and we lifted our old drink glasses and drained them,
and then drank some from our fresh glasses,
while clink clink clink
went the news feeds and the spoons against the cups
and one of the TV talkers coughed
everybody on the TV screen was not happy.
but we were

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