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Editor’s Note: This just in. Marlow lives in the city I used yesterday as the poster child for the charm of Washington as we leave it behind to live on New York Time. Oh, important correction to yesterday’s screed.: Bill Clinton was the last President to fire a Director of the FBI. President Clinton fired FBI Director William S. Sessions in July of 1993, ending a six-month drama during which the former federal judge refused repeated requests from administration officials to resign. Dick Nixon’s offense was to fire the Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox, in 1973. Sorry- fake news is everywhere.

– Vic.

Gong Show


Americans don’t know what political cataclysm is – –
someone getting fired can set them to shrieking
like monkeys —
someone clearing out his desk after a private jet trip back home
a cushy pension, board memberships, a book contract,
and cable talking head contract awaiting . . .
6 AM
we sit in our cars
we’re all driving around – –
where are we going?
a little excitement has broken into our
artificially flavored lives as the radio drones on about the horror
we stand next to strangers
chattering nonsense about
our faux fears
righteous graveyard humor snickers . . .
our country . . . it, the constitution . . . oh my, the tax cut . . . maybe,
our stock and bank accounts
this is just another tickler
a baby bird tuft of a feather
and the newsies can’t bear it . . .
suppose a real enemy invaded or bombed the Imperial City
as it and NY were bombed?
not with nukes or missiles
but with ordinary gravity bombs
day after day,
every day
as happened in London
and other cities of the world?
if the rest of the world could truly see Americans today
as we clench our panties into smaller and tighter wads,
their laughter would bring them to their knees
and even the ground beneath us would tremble from their guffaws
and chase our minds away to where we do belong
wherever that is,
and who cares where it is
as long as it’s somewhere far away from
this Gong Show

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