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Catching Up

on July 28th, 2014

OK- so I am back up North, uncertain what the week will bring beyond the cold front blowing throw, cleaning out the sultry humidity and bringing the moment of unseasonably comfortable temperatures to Baghdad by the Potomac. It was a good technical drive in the Panzer- a solid road car that is peppy enough in [...]

Big Engines in Little Cars

on July 27th, 2014

Thus has it always been for the Car People of the vast Heartland of America: big engines stuffed into little cars. After a recent over-indulgence on high-test muscle cars, a pal up in Alaska wrote to remind me that big engines are not the sole province of snotty suburban kids with connections to the auto [...]

The Hazel River Inn

on July 26th, 2014

(Exterior of the Hazel River Inn, East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA. It is the oldest commercial structure remaining in town, dating to Colonial times. The small windows to the left are the natural illumination to The Rathskeller, and was once a Civil War jail for North and South.) I am at the farm. I had [...]