Those of you who have been subjected to the Daily doses of Socotra’s surreal interaction with time and space (and survived) know that there are several complete stories contained in the archives. There are several biographies, some long and some short, some adventure tales, and even a historic romance amid the gunfire from the time of the American Civil War. Here, in at the Novella’s page, we have collected them as they were intended to be read: single, unified story lines with actual intelligible themes, dramatic action, passion and actual plot development. Or something.

Eventually, we will feature the draft manuscripts of the life and times of Donald “Mac” Showers, one of the best pals you could ever have, and a participant who had a ring-side seat on the events that made our modern world, or at least the one that existed until the crash of 2008.

There is a how-to melodrama that shows you how to deal with parental dementia in “The Adventures of Big Mama and Raven,” a playful guide of how (and not to) play the end game for loved ones.

“The Stones of the District,” a romp through the history of America’s first National Monuments around the diamond of the Old District of Columbia. To be completed this Spring, no kidding, I swear!

“War & Love,” a chronicle of the Irish who fought the American Civil War in the Western theater.

The Great Houses that remain in Old Virginia are here, collected, work in progress.

Cars and America’s love affair with them? You bet. “Car People” covers that part of social lunacy, including a 650 mile drive in a 57-year-old station wagon.

The “Last Cruise of the Battleship Nagato” is already posted, an epic undertaking thirty-five years in the making telling the tale of the proud ship that started attack on Pearl Harbor, and died under the atomic blast at Bikini Atoll- and what happened to her American crew..

Tales of Big Pink,” an account of a newly-divorced middle-aged man swept up on Arlington’s version of the Island of Misfit Toys.

There is a cook-book, too, and much, much more. Stop back regularly to see what Vic has been able to retrieve from the ash-heap of history! It all makes sense, in a warped sort of way. Trust us!