The Ice Age

OK, OK. I am not going to beat the whole thing to death. It has been painful. Not to mention expensive.

Oh, there are at least two things going on. The knuckleheads downtown finally passed another Continuing Resolution about the same time my aging body decided to be awake, whether I liked it or not.

It took some digging after Leader Pelosi (D-CA) and iconic iconoclast Rand Paul (R-KY) finished their (revised and extended) remarks before their colleagues in the House and Senate, respectively. Not that there were many in the hours of darkness when the powers of whatever are exalted It was to no avail to me, from a practical matter, though total credit for virtue-signalling from them both and a pain in the butt for all the rest of us.

I think the Government of the United States of America was shut down for about an hour waiting for them to finish. A new record for virtue signaling, as far as I am aware.

It was great theater, though I was, like most of my fellow citizens, asleep. I rose cranky and not that curious. I have no microwave oven at the moment (nor sink) and it had to pass without the provision of nice buttered-and-sea-salted popcorn. Which would have engendered a requirement for access to ice and a solid adult beverage.

But as of this morning, I am pleased to report that the reports of global warming are greatly excessive. The time of the next Ice Age is here, and having not been able to cook for a week, I am a teensy bit anxious for the global cooling I think we can all get behind.




I understand I have to throw away the first batch of ice- goodness knows what the Chinese put in the hoses and we need to cycle it away- but I may just make an exception and make a drink and think about it.

New stove next? Hell, I think we are going to go with it. I do not intend to go through the next budget crisis without popcorn.

– Vic

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