Thanksgiving at Front Page

I think it is kind of cool for most of us to have lived most of our lives in the very apex of a great country and civilization. Few generations have been as fortunate as the Boomers, GenX or Millennials. I have some doubts about where this is all going, but we had a great time, didn’t we?

Sure, we have had our moments, but on the whole, is it not a blessing to have lived at a time like this, in a nation like this? We may be some of the most fortunate few generations in the history of the species.

Anyway, that is probably not what we were thinking at the Front Page for Happy Hour last night. We were relaxed. Happy. And filled with mirth and fellowship. Here are the usual suspects of the South Side Gang, giving thanks:


Have a blessed holiday, enjoy the family and food and football, and let’s live this next year with thanks for all we have. And maybe stop some of the madness, and treat each other like the very lucky people we are.

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