Life & Island Times: The Jokers

Author’s note: With the ever spiraling out of control war of words between the Americans and the NORKs and the upoming NORK commie party founding day and America’s discovery celebration of Columbus Day this week, I plodded a few more steps down the dark rabbit hole.

The jokers graffiti doing their Dr Strangelove thing

With nonstop escalatory twittered texts and video sound bites about NORK nukes and missiles being hurled back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, we are witnessing the final devolution of 21st century national security policy making from what I thought was its “couldn’t get any lower final resting place” competitively slung rap song insults to a stark “yo momma” graffiiti contest.

Sadly, these two graffitists are not unempowered street artists or resistance members, but actual nation state leaders wth thermonuclear weapons.

When looking at the resulting tableaux of their back and forth banter, we see not just one-liner zingers but more complex murals that invite us to take their desires for realities. In some sense these murals attempt to enhance their country’ s cohesion by reiterating and exalting their side’s tenets of the conflict.

This type of approach has never been condoned let alone employed before. Oppositional crazy speech like this has now been fully normalized. Political opportunism now is unconstrained. A freefire zone “free space” is everywhere. Our political landscape is dominated by a new image, graphic and textual order with political actors engaging in resistance movement behaviors whose main weapon is the written and spoken word with real weapons of mass destruction just behind them. The notion of a public who will have to approve their actions is absent, since these actors are sight reading an unfolding script that says in essence that what will happen is not subject to anyone’s approval or rejection.

We the people are just along for the ride. Let’s hope these deranged jokers are just kidding.

Some people call them twitterized cowboys yeah
Some people call them gangsters of death
Some people call them nuke crazee
Cause they speak of the armageddon of love

Media talks non stop about these two babies
Say they’re doing this all wrong, doing it all wrong
Well, media boys say don’t you worry, don’t worry
Cause they’re right on top and all over this

Cause one’s a twitterer
The other’s a grinner
One’s a NY sinner
Typing 140 characters
The other’s playin’ with the powers of the sun
They both jokers
World’s in a white hot smoker
Hope both suffer midnight strokers
Then we can get back to lovin’ in the sun
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

NY graffiti

Kim’s the craziest thing that the Don ever did see
He really hates Kim’s speeches
Wants to burn down his country
Smashee, crashee, smashee crashee, all the time
Ooh wee, baby, US sure gonna show Kim a hot time

What Pongyang looked like in 1953 after the Ist Korean War

Lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time
Ooh wee baby, Kim gonna show Don a really good time
‘Cause he’s a nuker
Gonna make Don a puker
Kim’s a lover
And he’s a winner
Launchin’ his Korean missiles towards the sun
He’s not a joker
He’s not a smoker
Sure ain’t a midnight toker
But if attacked, he will launch them all to hurt everyone
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

People keep talkin’ about these two babies
Say they’re doin’ it all wrong
Well we all worry, and worry, and worry a lot, mama
‘Cause we’re stuck right in the middle here at home
This is the craziest thing we ever did see
Really hate their one-liners, want to shake their trees
Lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time
Come on people now, let’s thown them out this time

Marlow’s nightmare graffiti

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