Life & Island Times: A Fantasia on the Trump White House

Editor’s Note: To some degree, we are all a little disoriented by the state of politics. This is Marlow’s take.

– Vic

A Fantasia on the Trump White House

Even if we live 200 years, we’re never gonna figure out what’s going on inside today’s White House. Its real nature. We might be able to comprehend the universe, but not the truth about 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Never.

The American people are sullen. They’ve been clobbered on all sides by the endless Global War on Terror, the Great Recession, Globalization and so on. They turned off, opiated up, social networked but nothing helped. Along came someone who articulated their rage for them. They wanted angry action. Now — not later. They didn’t want conventional but anti-establishment.

What they got on the surface was what they wanted but . . . DC deals in illusions. None of it is true. But we the people sit there day after day, night after night watching it all. We believe the illusions they spin there. We think that the nightly news portrays reality. But none of it is the truth. At its best it is circus, carnival, high wire acts, storytellers, sideshow freaks, and celebrities. They’re in the boredom-killing business.

After the past few weeks of beltway melodrama, I had a revelation. In several years this could take place.

– Marlow

PS I am not a cynic by nature.

Green Room? Who knows? This was the scene in the Senate chamber during the impeachment trial of President Bill
Clinton in 1999, Chief Justice William Rehnquist presiding. 45’s hero, Andrew Jackson, was also impeached but not convicted (courtesy Wikipedia).

The heavy pancake makeup faced, mussed, champagne colored, mop topped, glory-seeking serial Twitterer. already impeached, looked about to be convicted according to the polls. He considered the coming verdict “a mega news-event” that would be his greatest accomplishment and believed that his legend would grow, not just live on.

Earlier that day he had tweeted, “Some of my fans may have wanted me impeached but only my enemies want me convicted . . . . This may be my final curtain call — the most theatrical and consequential moment of my life.”

He then delivered an astonishing, live, pre-verdict monologue as if it were some Hollywood award “acceptance speech” via a Snapchat story video during the verdict’s final vote tabulation, calling the Senate chamber his green room in another tweet. In an unknowingly prescient speech on the uniquely American cult of media celebrity:

“I’d like to thank all the wonderful people that made this great moment in my life come true. My daughter, who was wrongly convicted and jailed in order to further my career. My wife and ex-wives who should be here with me today. All my fans who died so gallantly when ObamaCare collapsed. And especially all those wonderful people who were kind enough to follow me in the newspapers, the internet and watch me on the television news shows. Without all of you, I, er we, could never have gotten this far.

“Have I learned anything about life? Yes, several things. The body, not the mind, has all the fun; but, it’s where all the germs are; so carry and use Purell. Don’t be bitter, get even. Do not spend time with bores like insurance and used car salesmen.

“Some of you might be thinking, ‘Selfish to the end, aren’t you? Thinking only of yourself with nary a thought for the country . . . ‘ Well, I’ve always had a weakness for our now once again great country. We are no longer alone and helpless. Heaven help anyone, should they attack our fully walled country.

“I’m not asking my supporters to forgive me. I’ll never understand or forgive myself, since there’s nothing to forgive. Just remember that we’re all alike — unselfish, driven yet shrewd and able to look folks and things in the eye and call them by their right names.

“Even if I had done something, what am I doing apologizing to my enemies? Why have I been hounded to always apologize to those little bastards? For three long years, my staff has been apologizing to them (he makes air quotes with his hands), without there ever being any reason. I never did anything wrong – why can’t we quit apologizing? They’re the ones who oughta be sorry.

“It is you, my fellow countrymen and women, that I burn for and it is you that I was impeached and may be convicted for! Please remember, I love all of you fuckers!

As the last few key Senators announced their votes, “Well, that’s about it for me, folks; but, it’s not goodbye.”

As his eyes scanned slowly side to side, he softly said, “I can’t let it go. I can’t. There must be some way to get this all back. I’ll go crazy if I don’t. I’ll come up with something by tomorrow. It’s all that matters . . . (voice rises, eyes directly fixing on the camera) Trump Tower! Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get it all back! After all, tomorrow is another day and news cycle!”

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